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Extended Project

Do violent computer games contribute to anti-social behaviour? Is it ethical to genetically engineer babies for designer purposes? Will we find life in the solar system? How can sports fitness improve through football? Is Wi-Fi safe? Is music an effective way of motivating workers?

If you are interested in the answers to these and similar questions, and you would rather do coursework than exams then the Extended Project is for you! It allows you to be in control of a really interesting and perhaps controversial topic that you are not covering in one of your other AS or A2 subjects. The Project will give you independence and practical skills that will help you in Higher Education and the workplace. You can tell your teacher what you want to study and after approval you can select from: writing a dissertation, developing a performance or conducting an investigation.

After selecting a title you will be assessed on: how well you manage your work, how you select and use information and resources, the skills you develop and on how effectively you can evaluate your own work. Importantly, you can earn valuable UCAS points which you can use if the university stipulates the points total you need, rather than A level grades. Some universities may also revise their grade offer if you offer the Extended Project.

What students have said:
“I’ve learnt how important time management is within my independent study” Hannah Boles
“I now have extra UCAS points to put towards my total and I feel that it has given me an advantage over other candidates in my application for university” Devki Parmar

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