An effective praise system is in place for Years 7-13.​

We expect a high standard of behaviour from all our students in lessons and around the school. You should always follow The English Martyrs Way and demonstrate your commitment to upholding the Catholic Ethos of the school and our Motto “May they All be One.” This will be demonstrated through the following values of: 

  • Excellence: We aspire to be better every day. Success is a journey and failure is part of the learning journey. 
  • Hardworking: (of a person) tending to work with energy, commitment and diligence
  • Resilience:  be determined to never give up, regardless of setbacks. To look for solutions when facing a problem. 
  • Welcoming: We recognise and celebrate diversity while being friendly considerate and welcoming to all.
  • Respect: have due regard for (someone’s feelings, wishes, or rights)


Your teacher will award you with an English Martyrs Way Achievement point when you demonstrate any of the 5 values outlined above. You will receive an outstanding contribution point (+2) when you do something extra special in lessons or around the school. During the year you will receive the following achievement awards when you reach a certain number of points. 

75 Points – Achievement Award- Letter of Achievement from your Head of Year 

150 Points – Bronze Award- Bronze certificate and a Bronze Badge 

250 Points – Silver Certificate and a Silver badge

350 Points – Gold Certificate and Gold badge

500 Points – Platinum Award- Platinum Star and Letter of Achievement from the Principal. 


Students are expected to follow the school rules at all times. In the first instance, those who do not will be reminded of the school’s expectations by members of staff. If this does not lead to an improvement, parents will be contacted and sanctions may apply. These include After School Detention and Working in Isolation from other members of the community for a day. In exceptional circumstances a student may be excluded from the school. Written notice of detention is sent to parents. Detentions must be attended on the date set.