Full attendance is extremely important to each student’s success and at English Martyrs’ Catholic School we expect students to attend fully during term time. It is the policy of the governors not to authorise holidays during the school term.

Where unauthorised holiday is taken, this is referred to the Education Welfare Service and a Penalty Notice may be issued.

It is the school policy to work with parents of students whose attendance falls below 95% whatever the reason for the absence and to work with parents of students whose attendance is a cause for concern.

If a student is ill and unable to attend school, parents should telephone the school (0116 2428880) or email office@englishmartyrs.org between 8.15 and 8.45, with the reason for absence. The school operates a policy of texting parents if their child is absent from school without a reason for the absence.

If a student is unable to attend due to a medical appointment a copy of the appointment letter is required and can be sent in via the student’s Form Tutor, School Office or by email office@englishmartyrs.org.