At English Martyrs’ we recognise that homework reinforces and extends students’ learning.

Regular homework has a positive influence on learning and achievement and plays an integral part in developing the talents of each student.

Homework helps the student develop and consolidate their learning, especially independent study.

  • It consolidates, reinforces and extends the skills, knowledge and understanding developed in the classroom.

  • It prepares students to meet the requirements of public examinations and coursework.

  • It helps the student form good study habits, which will help them achieve their full potential.

  • It helps develop a home-school partnership to improve learning and enables parents/carers to share in their child’s learning and to be involved and informed about the work being done.

  • It helps the student develop study skills, which promote lifelong learning.

Parents are asked to ensure that their child has access to a suitable table / desk to do homework and that this is in an environment free from distractions e.g. television, ICT based recreation activities, mobile phones.

In years 7-9, homework for English, Mathematics, Science and French is set every week.

In Year 9 students will also have weekly homework in Religious Education and in their option subjects.

Students in Year 7 and Year 8 undertake a range of projects throughout the year. A timetable of completion and hand in dates is published to parents in the school calendar in September.

Students will be expected to spend approximately 3 hours a week for 3 weeks (a total of 9 hours) working on this project. The project will then be given in and marked by the relevant subject teacher.  Copies of the homework projects can be found on Office365 by accessing the “Homework Projects” folder on OneDrive.

In years 10-11, students should spend a minimum of 45 minutes per week per subject.  In Sixth Form, students should spend approximately 7 hours per subject per week and 2 hours per week on their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Types of homework may include research topics and investigations, reinforcement of class work, reviewing, redrafting, activities related to personal and social development, learning, preparation for an activity, project work reading, writing, IT work, drawing, listening and rehearsal, learning for quizzes and tests.

Homework is not optional and sanctions will be imposed according to the behaviour and discipline policy of the school for failure to compete homework.

Students are responsible for the completion and submission of homework, which should be completed at a level comparable to their class work.

Parents are asked to discuss the importance of homework with their child and to help them develop regular times in the week for completing homework assignments eg. Monday 4-6pm, Wednesday 4-6pm, Saturday 9-11am.

Parents are expected to sign the weekly page in their child’s ‘Student Diary’ each weekend.