A Level


This Sociology course has been designed in order that students acquire the essential knowledge and understanding central aspects of sociological thought and methods, together with a range of skills.

The following topics will be studied for the full two year A level course
– Education with method in context
– Families and households
– Mass Media
– Crime and deviance
– Theory and methods

AS Sociology
– Education and methods in context of education
– Sociological research methods
– Families and households


First year two papers:
– AS Paper 1 – 1 hour 30 minutes – Education together with sociological methods in context
– AS Paper 2 – 1 hour 30 minutes – Families and households plus research methods

At the end of the second year you will sit 3 papers
– A level Paper 1 – 2 hours – Education, methods in context and theory and methods (this includes what you studied in research methods)
– A level Paper 2 – 2 hours – Families and households plus beliefs in society
– A level Paper 3 – 2 hours – Crime and deviance plus theory and methods (this includes what you have studied in research methods plus sociological theories)

Assessment focuses on:
– A01 – knowledge and understanding – knowing sociological ideas theories and methods
– A02 – application – linking your knowledge to the questions and showing relevant application
– A03 – analysis and evaluation – explaining things in detail and showing how ideas fit together, comparing contrasting ideas, drawing conclusions, show the usefulness, advantages and disadvantages of methods theories etc.

Exam Board: AQA


5 Grade 4s and above. Students embarking on this course must demonstrate an interest in current affairs.


Students completing this course can go onto studying it at degree level. Careers include law, criminology, teaching, management, police, social work and other people related occupations