English Martyrs’ as a community centred in Christ strives to develop the talents of each person.

“May they all be one” John 17

Aims for students

English Martyrs’ Catholic School works with students to:

  • deepen their knowledge, understanding and love of God and his creation

  • recognise and take up opportunities to see, find and develop God given gifts and talents

  • develop an understanding of gospel values and how they might be applied

  • develop independent, enquiring minds and an enjoyment of learning

  • cultivate a sense of responsibility for and belief in themselves

  • develop the whole person, spiritually, intellectually, morally and socially appreciate and contribute positively to the school and wider community

Mission for the School

English Martyrs’ Catholic School believes that each person will succeed through experiencing:

  • a community based on gospel values, where each person has opportunities to explore their faith

  • a stimulating learning environment where talents are fostered and students can achieve personal best standards

  • an appropriate and challenging curriculum

  • an environment where a person’s needs, worth and qualities are appreciated

  • a community which values links with home, school, parish and wider community

  • professional, motivated and supportive staff who have high expectations of students opportunities for students to understand society and equip them with the skills to face the challenges they will meet

Values Statement

We demonstrate commitment to work as a learning community by:

  • showing love and respect for each person made in the image of God

  • encouraging valuing and celebrating achievement