AS Level


You will explore different ways in which plays, short stories and poems can be read, connected and written about.
You will deepen your appreciation of Shakespeare, of American Dramas, of short stories, and of poetry written before 1900.
You will gain insight into the power of language, the influence of context and connections between texts from different times.
You will develop your own independent reading and thinking whilst exploring other critical ideas and improving your skills of close analysis.


2 closed book examination papers each worth 50% of your final grade. (one is 1.5 hours and the other 1.75 hours long)

Exam Board: OCR


5 Grade 4s and above to include Grade 4 in either GCSE English Language or English Literature

A love of reading beyond your set texts


AS Level English Literature is highly regarded by universities and will enable you to gain success on all degree courses, including Science. Almost all careers are open to you!