A Level


Students will explore a range of materials and techniques, experimenting and refining whilst developing their ideas, making connections to the work of other artists. They will need to be able to research and analyse the work of other artists with confidence, showing a fluent use of appropriate specialist vocabulary.
Students will use recording skills such as photography, observational drawing (including first hand) and written annotations about their own work, which shows that they can reflect on their own work and make progress.
They will create work which is informed by the work of others, yet is personal and achieves the outcome they intended in a skilful and meaningful way.


Students are assessed against the four assessment objectives, which are similar to those at GCSE and are equally weighted.

This is a 2 year A level.

For Year 12 there will be one unit which is known as the Portfolio, and an examination.

The Portfolio runs from September to January and the examination preparatory period begins in February and ends with the examination session of 10 hours in early May.

During the A Level year students create a Personal Investigation (60% of final grade) which includes a written element of 1000-3000 words. For this unit, students will develop a theme in great depth, drawing on skills developed in Year 12.

The structure for the A Level year is similar to Year 12, with an examination preparatory period starting in February and a 15 hour examination session in early May (40% of final grade)

Exam Board: AQA


5 Grade 4’s and above to include a Grade 4 or above in Art at GCSE.
A proven record of a positive attitude and commitment to studies within Art, Craft and Design.


Architecture – for this you will also need to study Mathematics. Foundation Course which could lead to a wide range of specialist degree courses including: Graphic Design, Illustration, Fashion, Visual Communication, Animation, Photography, Fine Art, Footwear Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Texture Design, Design Crafts, Contour Fashion, and Structural Design.