Dress Code

Our dress code emphasises the formal professional business-style environment in which we undertake our studies. Sixth Form students also set the tone for younger students at our school. We are privileged to have a beautiful campus and Sixth Form Centre and it is expected that all sixth form students will follow the dress code fully at all times.


1. Jacket* – a blazer style suit jacket

2. Trousers* – formal business trousers which should not be tight fitting

3. Shirt – must be a collared sleeved shirt

4. Tie

5. Shoes – must be formal business shoes, leather uppers in black or brown. Trainers, boots or canvas shoes of any description are not permitted.


1. Jacket* – a blazer style suit jacket

2. Plus either:

a. Trousers* – formal business trousers which should not be tight fitting; leggings are not appropriate

b. Skirt* – which should reach the knee and should not be stretch fabric 

c. Dress* – which should reach the knee, be sleeved, with an appropriate neckline and not be a stretch fabric

3. Blouse – a collared sleeved blouse

4. Tie (optional)

5. Shoes – formal business shoes, leather uppers, a small heel is acceptable. Trainers, boots or canvas shoes of any description are not permitted.

Men and Women

· *Jackets, trousers, skirts and dresses must be sensible business wear.

· Winter coats should be sensible, warm, and smart and have no large logos. Students are not permitted to wear hoodies or sportswear as coats. Denim, leather or PVC jackets are also not allowed.

· Jeans and chinos are not appropriate trousers

· Any make-up worn should be subtle and appropriate.

· Hair colours should be natural with no extremes of style.

· Facial or tongue piercings, stretchers, tapers or plugs are not allowed.

​If you have any questions about the interpretation of the dress code you should check with the Director of Sixth Form prior to purchase. Any student not adhering to the dress code will be sent home to change and may return to the Sixth Form when correctly dressed.


Sixth Form Students are expected to comply with the school attendance policy.  A full copy of this policy can be found on the school website.

In summary students in the Sixth Form are expected to:

  • Attend school every day from 8:25am – 2:50pm

  • Avoid making appointments during the school day

  • Maintain 96% and above attendance

  • Follow school protocol with regards to signing in and out

  • Do not take holidays during term time

Students who are identified with attendance concerns will be interviewed and asked to explain queries raised. Parents may also be asked to attend meetings in school with Mrs O’Hagan.

Ultimately, persistent absence and / or punctuality issues may result in students being asked to leave the school should attendance issues not be resolved.

Signing Out Procedure

If you need to leave the school site during the school day you must bring the signing out book to Mrs O’Hagan to sign out.  You will not be permitted to leave the site without proper authorisation.


At English Martyrs’ Sixth Form our Enrichment Programme is designed to help students develop the widest possible range of skills, to be able to enrich their own lives and the lives of others.

You may choose to apply for one of the Senior posts available and on your appointment you become a member of the Senior Student Leadership Team. These posts give you the opportunity to be active leaders and decision makers in the school community as well as giving you a sense of worth as you give something back to the school

We want you, our Sixth Formers, to seize this opportunity and to fully explore your potential, developing confidence and personal skills such as leadership, team work and independence. This could be in PE through our sports teams, work shadowing, extended project portfolios, becoming involved in the production of the Sixth Form Student Newsletter, supporting younger students both inside and outside of school, involvement in school drama productions, or through leadership development projects, social justice and opportunities to grow in and share faith.

By being fully involved, you should leave the Sixth Form as confident and independent young adults, equipped and ready for the challenges ahead.

As a Catholic School we always have the notion of service in our hearts. All Sixth Formers have the opportunity to get involved with a wide range of charitable projects.

The whole school is now engaged in a wonderful e-praise programme. Sixth Form students should benefit from this with a number of exciting rewards on offer.