Recently, Mr Naran and Miss Williamson accompanied by several Y9 students were invited to Sheffield for an educational visit to celebrate the students’ high-level achievement of academic literacy within Brilliant Club.  This concluded with a graduation style celebration at the University’s ‘Firth Court’.  Fantastic, well written and articulated speeches were given by Bruno and Marcel to the whole cohort of graduates from many schools across the country.  Maya sums up the trip.

‘I recently was chosen to visit and tour the University of Sheffield after being nominated to be a member of the Brilliant Club. I experienced the life as a typical university student attending the University of Sheffield, being toured around the vast city campus, visiting various buildings assigned to numerous subjects.  Personally, I find the integration of the university into regular life very fascinating because it provides students with a lot more freedom and more opportunities to socialise.  As we toured the campus, we observed the talented art and work put on display in the exhibition areas.  Witnessing the artwork displayed has influenced me a lot as I also aspire to have my hard work displayed for people to see.  We also saw the famous paternoster lifts in the Arts tower, which I believe to be the coolest part of the entire trip.  After, we entered a large lecture hall that had a grand design and giant paintings on the walls too.  Being in the room was a surreal experience because I got to experience what it would be like if I was to be in a lecture myself.  In this hall, the most significant event occurred; the graduation ceremony.  I found this to be the most enjoyable part of the trip, being able to receive a certificate and acknowledgement for my hard work, as well as being able to watch many other talented students from other schools graduate alongside me and my peers.  Listening to the speeches given by certain individuals was inspiring and motivated me to do even better in the future.  Being able to be a part of Brilliant Club and other groups for excelling students is something I am passionate about.  Having opportunities like this is an honour and I would be delighted to be a part of something similar to this in future again, as I have deeply enjoyed this experience.’

Maya D (Y9)

Well done to all students involved, they wrote essays at an advanced academic level and should be Punch proud of their work on this project.