Year 8 students have participated in a writing competition in which they watched the BBC dramatisation of the Windermere Children and each wrote an article entitled: ‘What our generation can learn from the Windermere Children’.

This was part of a wider competition with the English Hub in which various other secondary schools in Leicester took part.

The responses from Year 8 were thoughtful, mature and sophisticated. Responses explored how the personal experiences of these children are sometimes lost in war statistics found in textbooks. Many articulated the importance of freedom and how society requires more education in the field of mental health. Students also commented on how grateful they are to be surrounded by their family and friends. Importantly, they celebrated the Windermere Children’s resilience and perseverance to find light and hope within the darkness in which they were living.

Five of our students have been shortlisted:

Enaka B 8CL Heidi R 8CL Jemima K 8FI Liz E 8WA Victoria M-H 8CL

Many congratulations to Liz Ebot who was awarded third place in the competition. The judges stated that they related to Liz’s thoughts on perseverance and independence.