Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 achieved 10 Silvers and 6 Bronzes in this year’s UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. The biggest competitions are the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematical Challenges, which have over 700,000 entries each year, and are the UK’s most popular school Mathematical Challenges. The challenges aim to stimulate mathematical thinking and enhance problem-solving skills.

Congratulations to all English Martyrs’ students who participated in the Maths Challenge. High scorers are awarded certificates to recognise their success in Mathematics:



Mateusz M – Silver



Cayden R – Silver Best in School

Samuel B – Silver

Leon G – Silver

Rowan A – Silver

Rachel J – Silver

Noah J – Silver

Samuel B – Silver

Krzysztof W – Bronze

Louie B – Bronze



Jude G – Silver Best in Year

Thomas G – Silver

Lauren S – Silver

Szymon M – Bronze

Amal B – Bronze

Derrick S – Bronze

Richmond R – Bronze