On Tuesday 29th March, the students were able to come into school in non-uniform, to raise money for the charity, Migrant Help. I have enclosed a link if you wish to learn more about the charity: https://youtu.be/HT-AXrCSVMg

Also, as part of the day we wanted to celebrate the amazing diversity of our school community. Therefore students were encouraged to come to school wearing clothes that represented their cultural heritage.

It was a fantastic day, in which we were treated to a wide range of traditional outfits and clothes representing the heritage of our students. It was a real pleasure to be able to talk to students about their clothes and what they represented.

I personally found it inspiring as my father came to England in 1970 from Mauritius and I am very proud to have this heritage and it was nice to see so many students celebrating their links to countries from around the world.

I look forward to this event again next year.

M. Calen