Since the start of the academic year, students from Years 7-11 have been able to attend an afterschool running club every Wednesday. The sessions run for 30 minutes and include a warm up, drills and distance running, totalling around 2.5 kilometres.

We started the year with the Virgin Money Mini London Marathon where students ran 2.6 miles to earn a special pin badge. We then registered with to take on our first Virtual Challenge to earn the school a medal.

The first challenge was the Pennie Way for which students needed to run a combined total of 268 miles. This was completed at Easter and with only a term to go, we signed up for the Tour Du Mont Blanc challenge of 105 miles which was completed last week.

Alongside these events, each student’s distance has been totalled with certificates issued when milestones have been met. Congratulations to go to Sarah M., Wiktoria R., Maia M. and Izabella S. who have all run over Marathon distance. As a running club, we have run a total of 403 kilometres/c.250 miles. This is a great start and we hope to beat this next year.

Future plans include the TCS Mini London Marathon in October for the 2023 event and April for the 2024 event. We hope to include all of Year 7 and Year 8 students over the two dates. We are also planning regular 5km runs each half-term to help runners improve their distance goals.

For anyone who would like to join us, look out for the further details in September.