English Martyrs' Catholic School – Celebrating Internationalism

Our vision - To celebrate the rich and diverse cultural heritage and ethnic diversity within the school through the tutor programme, assemblies, international days/weeks and multicultural evenings.

How Internationalism is realised in our school community

English Martyrs' Catholic School is committed to raising International Awareness throughout the school, the wider school, and the local community. This is currently being achieved by: 

  • Our identity as a Catholic school and as a member of the universal church.

  • Arranging international activities within the school.

  • Inviting visitors from other countries into school.

  • Initiating communication links with other schools in the UK and abroad.

  • Providing articles about recent international work for the school magazine.

  • Informing the local media of international events taking place in the school.

International School Status

English Martyrs' Catholic School has successfully been awarded reaccreditation of Full International status for the British Council International School Award; 2014-2017. The ISA offers:

  • A framework within which to form and develop international partnerships and achieve curriculum goals

  • Ideas for developing collaborative curriculum-based international work with partner schools

  • Recognition for teachers and their schools that instill a global dimension into the learning experience of all children and young people

  • Opportunities to raise the school's profile through local and national media coverage

  • Support for delivering on the Sustainable School agenda. The Sustainable Schools National Framework states that - "By 2020 the Government would like all schools to be models of good global citizenship, enriching their educational mission with activities that improve the lives of people living in other parts of the world."

International School Award Website

Themed Days & Internationally linked visitors
English Martyrs' Catholic School currently offers a range of International activities for all year groups, where students focus on an international aspect during a school day; these themed days complement Modern Language projects which aim to raise the profile of students as global citizens. The current themed days are as follows:

  • Year 7 – French Day (annually in January)

  • Year 8 – india Day (annually in July)

  • Year 9 – Intercultural Awareness (annually in February)

  • KS4 – Bastille Day celebration incorporating enterprise skills (annually in July)

We welcome annually visitors to the school community, who enrich the International dimension of our school; these include delegates from the local business community (The Business Champions Scheme), from the DTI (Department for Trade Industry), the Flying Theatre Company (who specialise in theatre performances in French), and from the Regional Language Network for the East Midlands.

Partner Schools & Overseas Visits

We are currently linked with two schools in France, in Grenoble and in Toulouse. Our students exchange regular letters and have participated in collaborative projects on the environment and on cultural stereotypes. English Martyrs' is also a member of the Leicester twinning association which provides links to businesses and schools in France, Germany and in Bulgaria.

Further, students have the opportunity to visit Paris in Year 8; and during their KS4 French studies they visit Paris; Year 10 History students have the opportunity to visit Berlin; and KS5 Geography students visit Barcelona. A pilgrimage to Rome was organised in 2009.

Community Language Links
Students at English Martyrs' are given the opportunity to take an examination in a home/community language; students are provided with information about examination options and supported in taking these examinations at a time which is convenient to their studies.