The English Martyrs pantomime performance of The Ice Queen in February this year raised £3353.67 for local hospice charity, LOROS. The money was raised via ticket sales and through bucket collections at the event itself.

LOROS representatives have written the following in gratitude for the donation:

‘We’d like to put into context just how valuable donations like yours are. At LOROS we have specialist beds; these beds are specifically designed to meet the needs of our patients. They are large and comfortable and have features that make them safe and versatile.

The beds are designed to reduce the risk of falls and can be easily cleaned to reduce the risk of infection. Patients can manage their own comfort using the controls. They are able to rise and lower to meet the needs of the patient, whether this is to receive care, to more easily get out of bed, or to welcome their visitors with a hug.

Knowing that LOROS have the best items available for their care is so important for our patients’ health and wellbeing. £2,750 could pay for one of these beds, offering comfort and safety to our patients. It is these seemingly small, perhaps often overlooked details that make LOROS special and unique, but it is only through donations like yours that we are able to continue delivering this exceptional level of care to all our patients and their family members.’