As part of Black History Month, former English Martyrs’ student and academic from the University of Leicester, Dr Liam McCarthy, spoke to our Year 9 students about hidden histories of racism in Leicester.

Liz (Year 9) writes:

‘On Wednesday 5th October, in celebration of Black History Month, Dr Liam McCarthy (from the University of Leicester) gave an inspiration and fantastic presentation.

Dr McCarthy is an alumnus of English Martyrs’ Catholic School and was delighted to bring to life the ‘Hidden Histories’ of Leicester’s Black History.

Dr McCarthy gave an intriguing and elaborate talk about numerous topics. For example, he introduced the fact that Black GIs played baseball in the local Abbey Park! Although he highlighted local instances, he also covered global problems (like the killing of George Floyd).

We are so glad that Dr McCarthy could join us and I hope that he may come again to give another amazing speech.’