Wednesday 2nd March marked the return of our annual celebration of the beginning of Lent in school following the Covid restrictions. Students from across our school community took part in the leadership of the liturgy which saw over 100 students take part in readings and music for the service.

Our Sixth Form Senior Leadership Team imposed ashes and students received a prayer card reflecting on some of the readings over Lent.

Over Lent, our prayer, fasting and giving will focus on putting ourselves in others’ shoes.

Lord God,​

we hunger for a world of justice – ​

a world of peace and happiness.​

We hunger for people to be treated equally and fairly.​

Bread of Life, nourish us​

and give us the energy we need ​to work together,​

one small step at a time,​

until everyone in our global family ​

has enough nourishing food​ and can live life to the full.​