Last week was International Women’s Day. This event, which was held on 8th March 2022, is a global call to action for us to reach gender equality more quickly. The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is ‘Break the Bias’. This is aimed at ending prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination facing women.

Below is a photograph of the Art Department corridor, where we have recently installed this amazing painting by our past student, Zuzanna Mucha. Zuzanna completed her A Levels in March 2020, during the pandemic. Zuzanna is now studying Architecture at University in Nottingham. This painting is part of her final piece for her Personal Investigation, which explores how women are exploited and disadvantaged in society, often without a voice and expected to grow up too soon. The acceptance and empowerment of women is something Zuzanna felt very strongly about and wanted to explore and share through her Art.

We know that this piece is a great talking point with students, allowing them to reflect on the power of Art for self-expression and indeed, raising awareness and perhaps even instigating positive change. The frame was expertly made by Mr Flannigan and our technician, Mr Purohit. The funds for this came from the EMS Development Charity and we are delighted to be able to use it to showcase the wonderful talent and powerful Artwork of Zuzanna and many more amazing pieces of Art from our wonderful students in years to come.

Here are some quotations from our students:

‘I feel that it has inspired me to do anything and keep on trying’. Abigail S 7CL

‘I feel that your Artwork has really inspired me as a year 7. You really showed me that I don’t have to grow up quickly, so thank you’. Ria K 7FI

‘I feel that it has inspired me and my friends because of how detailed it is and the use of colour and tone.’ Wiktoria R 7FI

‘I think that Art is not something to rush, and it is something to achieve.’ Frances I 7CL

‘I feel this piece of Art is very inspiring and a good example. Very detailed and beautiful.’ Chenia A 7FI