Year 8 students at English Martyrs’ recently undertook a morning of Internationalism. On Friday 21st January for X Band and 26th January for Y Band, students took part in three International sessions.

With options choices in mind, students learned about soft skills and communication in the workplace, French as a global language, Philosophy and the importance of language.

Students discovered where French is spoken on every continent and how the 274 million French speakers are spread out around the world. They became secret agents, using their language skills to decipher code names, and discussed how body language can mean different things in different cultures.

Year 8 enjoyed working together in groups and finding out about more global cultures.

Student quotations:

“I didn’t know so many countries spoke French”

“Language is more important than I thought!”

“I enjoyed getting to learn about communication in a way that is fun and gets you to debate”

“I enjoyed finding out about how body language and soft/hard skills are important for communication”

“I enjoyed talking about the quotation ‘the limits of my language mean the limits of my world”