Dear Parents,

As the first week of the new school year draws to a close, I would like to say how well the week has gone and I look forward to the term ahead. Particular thanks to our students; I have been impressed with the enthusiastic and purposeful way they have started the term.

Achievement this summer

This year we have seen another year of very strong achievement at GCSE and A level, despite the many challenges faced by students. Consistent with our well established track record of superb results, this year we are celebrating:

  • A Level Results – 92.4% grades A* – C and 100% pass rate.

  • GCSE Results – 80% of students achieved 4+ (Grade C or above) in 5 subjects or more. 71% achieved 4+ in English and Mathematics.

Congratulations go to each and every student, thanks to their teachers and to families for the tremendous support. The commitment and resilience of students is a testament to them all.

Our Year 13 leavers have chosen a great variety of university destinations and courses, and some are taking up modern apprenticeships. This is a flavour of some of their choices:-

English Martyrs’ students will study wide-ranging courses, including for example, History at Cambridge University (with a Choral Scholarship at Queens’ College), Economics at Durham and Leeds universities, Computer Science at Leicester University, Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath, Nursing at Leicester University, Sociology at Sheffield University, Neuroscience at Nottingham University, Aerospace Engineering at Sheffield University, Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University, Philosophy and Politics at Liverpool University, Theology at Nottingham University, Geography at Birmingham University and French and Economics at Warwick University.

We also welcome students into Year 12 from our school and a variety of other schools.

We wish our students happiness and fulfilment as they commence the next stage in their academic careers and thank them for all they have contributed and continue to contribute to the English Martyrs community.

Resilience, Ambition and Aspiration

During welcome assemblies with students this week I have discussed the key words I would like students to keep with them over this year: Resilience, Ambition and Aspiration. I would like you to work with the school and reinforce this with the students. I used a quotation from John F Kennedy; ‘We choose to go to the moon and do the other things in this decade, not because they are easy, but because they are hard’. This emphasises what we want for all students, to try hard, to aspire and to push themselves, this will see them succeed.


We welcome the following new members of staff:

Miss H Carr, Teacher of Dance, Mr D Hawkes, Head of Mathematics, Mrs J Hill, Teacher of English, Ms W Jaskolska, Teacher of Mathematics and Teaching Assistants, Miss S Gray and Mrs R Patel.

Additionally, the following staff have new responsibilities:

Mr F Alessandrelli, Head of Year 8, Mrs T Foley, Head of Year 10, Mrs D Pollard, Catering Manager, Mrs M Singh, Assistant Principal, Mr A Ward, Assistant Head of Science, Mrs J White, Assistant Head of Sixth Form.

Student Planners

Each student has been issued with a new planner for the year. Each family should read the various agreements at the front of the planners and sign these. The Planner is specially created for our school and it is a very useful tool for learning. It is also expensive and should be looked after carefully. Graffiti is not permitted in planners. Should a student lose their planner it must be replaced. Planners are reissued at the cost price of £5 from the School Shop.

Uniform and Standards

You will appreciate that at the beginning of the year it is important to set the standards for our community. This behaviour, uniform and dress codes including ‘How we wear our uniform’ are all set out in the student planners.

May I draw everyone’s attention to several aspects to which we need to return in full.

1) Hair. Our rules are that hair may not ne dyed a colour which is not a natural colour. This also applies to any extensions.

2) The only permitted ear jewellery is a pair of studs, one in each ear in the bottom lobe. Tattoos and body piercing are not permitted.

3) Hoodies are not part of uniform and should not be worn.

4) Reminder that phones may not be used during the school day or at break or lunchtime. Phones should not be taken out on the school drive or in the vicinity of the school in Anstey Lane.

Catering Cards

Students must use only their own card for purchases. Cards cannot be exchanged or swapped. If a student loses a card a new one can be issued at the admin centre by the Chapel for a charge of £3. A reminder that we are now a cashless school, therefore parents can put credit on their child’s account using the online payment system. Should you have lost your activation code please contact the school office.

Cars on site

Parents are asked not to bring cars onto the site and to be considerate to neighbours and other road users on Anstey Lane.


Students are encouraged to bring bikes to school but they must be locked up. Students who cycle to school should use a cycle helmet.

Pre-loved Uniform

At English Martyrs we recognise that school uniform is expensive and as students grow, they can grow out of uniforms. As part of our commitment to ‘Eco-Martyrs’ to help with the environment. We will be opening a ‘Pre-loved shop’. We would like parents to donate pre-loved school uniform that would have been thrown away due to not fitting. These pre-loved clothes will then be available in our pre-loved uniform shop for parents to visit and see if there is uniform they would want. There will be a donation box, if parents wish to make a donation towards the clothes. Once we have received a reasonable amount of pre-loved uniform, I will write again with details of the shops opening times. Please note if you wish to donate pre-loved uniform to the shop it must be of good quality and clean. I hope this will be a small way in which we can all contribute to reducing clothing waste and protect the environment. Thank you to those families who have already donated Pre-loved Uniform.

It would be marvellous if you had uniform that you no longer needed and you brought them to the main school reception

Parents’ Information meetings this term

I was very pleased to welcome the new students and parents at the Year 7 Information Evening on Wednesday 31st August 5.00 – 6.00pm

Year 8 Information Evening – Tuesday 6th September 5.00 – 6.00pm

Year 9 Information Evening – Wednesday 7th September 5.00 – 6.00pm

Year 10 Information Evening – Tuesday 13th September 5.00 – 6.00pm

Year 11 Information Evening/Futures Event X Band (Alban, Campion, Clitheroe, Fisher) Thursday 22nd September 4.30 – 5.00pm

Year 11 Information Evening/Futures Event Y Band (Line, More, Sherwin, Ward) Thursday 22nd September 5.15 – 5.45pm

Year 12 and 13 Information Evening – Thursday 15th September 5.00 – 6.00pm

Open Evening

Open Evening for Sixth Form (for students in Year 11) will be on Thursday 29th September 5.00 – 6.45pm

Open Evening for Admission to Year 7, 2023 (for students in Year 6) will be on Thursday 6th October 5.00 – 6.45pm

With all good wishes to our students for a very successful year ahead.

Yours sincerely,

M Calen