Dear Students and Parents


Reintroduction of face coverings in school for two weeks


As a community we have had an excellent start to the term in very many ways. It has been a delight to see everyone so focused on their studies, to meet parents at the Information Meetings, to celebrate our Dedication of Studies Masses so prayerfully.


We are all well aware that there have been quite a number of members of our school who have had Covid 19 since the beginning of term. As much as possible we want to limit the spread of the coronavirus so, having spoken with Public Health England, I have decided to reintroduce the wearing of facemasks indoors for two weeks from Monday 13th September. You will understand that this is a common sense response to the current situation and we will review the situation in the coming days. In school we will also continue our good practice around ventilation (windows open) and you are asked to carry and use your hand gel.


From Monday you must wear facemasks when using public transport and indoors at school. This means:

  • When moving through the building

  • When in lessons and assembly



There are some students who for medical reasons should not wear a face covering and they should wear a sunflower lanyard instead, so that they are not challenged about this. Students should see Mrs Webster or their Head of Year to arrange this.


You do not need to wear a face covering when sitting at a table in the dining room, but they should be worn when queuing for food. You do not need to wear a mask when engaged in exercise including PE, dance nor singing in music, however you should wear it when changing rooms as much as possible.


Face coverings/ masks

You should wear a plain mask with no logos or pictures. It can be cloth or disposable.


The school will give a facemask to each student in Year 7 and Year 12 as a gift. Other students were given free masks last year.


Lateral Flow Regular Tests

Thank you to everyone for working together to help to limit the spread of coronavirus. Hopefully this measure will help to limit the infection in our community. Another key measure is taking a Lateral Flow Test at home twice each week, as you are currently doing. Everyone will receive another box of testing kits with this letter.


Yours sincerely

Marius Carney