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Year 7 Fundraising

Year 7 all got involved in our Feet-Beat-Eat challenge for Lent, raising money for CAFOD. The fundraising efforts were very successful. The aim of the challenge was to run laps around our top court in our forms.

We split into groups and began walking/running the total distance to Bangladesh and back, where every 1km was 1m for us, 16,000 metres as a form. We raised the money by collecting sponsorships in the 3 weeks prior to the walk. Matilda from 7 Line (pictured), raised the highest total on her own, over £90. Altogether, in Year Seven we raised a whopping total of £837.98. The money we raised from our team efforts will support CAFOD with helping families like Mahinur’s in Bangladesh who continue to face the challenges of floods. We moved our feet – and had a ‘change of heart(beat)’ – so that others can eat!

Jaime and Erin, 7 Line

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