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Year 11 Activities Week

During the week commencing Monday 7th June, Year 11 have participated in a wide range of activities, including sports competitions, a half-day retreat and careers talks to help them prepare for post-16 education.

As our students in Year 11 come towards the end of their time with us, we took some time to look back, appreciate the present and to look to the future. We welcomed into our socially-distanced outdoor worship space, Charles, Lorley, Luke, Elise, and James from the Nottingham Diocesan Catholic Youth Service, based at the Briars Residential Centre.

Students took time in their form groups to reflect on their time here at English Martyrs' and to share privately with each other their favourite memories, things that they were perhaps anxious about and things that they were hopeful for.

We then celebrated the amazing creativity of our students who were asked to think about the future. The students came up with some amazing inventions which we are sure will revolutionise fashion, transport and the food industry.

We also enjoyed time with Mrs Pemberton (Head of Dance), who led our students through a guided reflection and meditation. The session focused on relaxation techniques that students could use in the future to help them with their wellbeing and mindfulness.

Louie B (Year 11 student):

'This week has given us the opportunity to reconnect with each other. After long periods of lockdown and exam preparation, it feels refreshing to finally be able to socialize as we come to the end of our secondary education. I am happy to have the opportunity to partake in some of the opportunities that we have missed throughout the year.'

Leon G (Year 11 student):

'I really enjoyed the activities which were based around the future. It was interesting to see what others considered the bar before we had reached the ‘future.’ I appreciate being given the chance, after our many lockdowns and intense exam-filled weeks, to create such incredible memories, which I thought we had lost the opportunity to ever look back on.'