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Update regarding the Covid risk mitigation measures

Dear Parents and Students

Update regarding the Covid risk mitigation measures

You will be pleased to know that following the Prime Minister’s announcement about the move to ‘Step 3 of the roadmap’ in England, we can gradually begin to remove some of the restrictions currently in place.

  • From Monday 17th May, students will not be required to wear face coverings in classrooms, or around the school.

  • From Monday 17th May, students in Year 7 and 8 will finish lessons at the same time as students in Year 9 and 10 - at 2.30pm.

We hope that other restrictions can gradually be lifted as time progresses. Please note however that we will not be removing the requirement to use hand gel twice each day and this will continue into the next academic year.

It should be noted that if the situation with the pandemic changes, e.g. the infection rates increase again in Leicester, or the local public health officials become aware of a variant of concern, it is possible that measures such as the wearing of face coverings will be reintroduced for a temporary period.

Yours sincerely

Marius Carney