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UK Parliament Workshop

On Wednesday 30th June, students in Years 9 and 10 participated in online workshops run by UK Parliament as part of our more able enrichment programme. The first session was an Introduction to UK Parliament. Pupils learnt about the work and role of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They also learnt the difference between UK Parliament and government, the work of MPs and members of the House of Lords, how laws are made and how they can get their voices heard. This was followed by a second session on laws and debating. Students were introduced to how laws are made and who makes them. They also explored laws that can affect us all and followed the progress of a Bill through the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Finally, students participated in a live Question and Answer session with Liz Kendall, Local MP for Leicester West. It was a very interactive session in which students were able to ask Mrs Kendall some tough questions on topics which were relevant to them. Melissa J (Year 10): “The workshop gave a brilliant insight into the various aspects of Parliament and its differences from government and encouraged us to participate in answering questions. We were also able to ask questions of MP Liz Kendall, whose responses were highly informative and genuine. I enjoyed the workshop and am grateful for the knowledge I gained, as I was able to fully understand the way government works and become aware of my legal rights to register to vote at 16 and further take part in voting at 18. The workshop was immensely helpful in how I could campaign regarding issues I feel need to be addressed and other ways in which I can make my voice heard.” Kiran J (Year 10): “During the UK Parliament workshop we had the opportunity to discuss and learn things about the House of Commons/Lords and what they do. We had the chance to ask questions about Liz Kendall’s role and what she believed had to be done during this pandemic to help everyone get back to normal.” Niall J (Year 10): “During the Q&A session with Liz Kendall, she was asked about what the Government and MPs are doing for current GCSE students across the UK who have missed out on a lot of education. We learnt about how the current students can be supported by their MPs who are representing their needs in Parliament.”

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