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Transport to and from school - EM2

I am writing this letter to update you about the bus service EM2 run by Andrews Coaches. Due to staffing difficulties Andrews Coaches have told us that they are not able to operate an afternoon bus service after Friday 6 December.

Andrews Coaches will continue to operate the bus service in the mornings only from Monday 9th December and Total Travel who run the T6 bus service have agreed to accommodate students from the EM2 bus in the evenings.

Therefore the T6 and EM2 route will be combined in the evenings, the sign in the bus window will read 'EM2 & T6' and will follow the route outlined below:

14:55 Anstey Lane

15:00 Fosse Road/Henley Road

15:10 Shakespeare Drive

15:12 Bidford Road

15:13 Sun Way

15:15 Braunstone Cross Roads

15:20 Liberty Road

15:23 Dominion Road/Charnor Road

15:25 Glenfield Road

15:28 Letchworth Road

15:30 Aikman Avenue

The cost of each journey will be £1.60 in the morning with Andrews Coaches and £1.50 in the evening with Total Travel. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely

Marius Carney


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