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Tate Modern trip

On Thursday 21st November, the art department made our annual trip to London with GCSE and A Level students. This year, at Tate Modern, we spent time in the permanent collection exploring the stunning work of Claude Monet, Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter and Peter Doig, amongst others. 

Following this, we entered the current exhibition by Olafur Eliasson, a contemporary Danish artist, who, last year created an installation of icebergs from Greenland, in front of Tate Modern, to raise awareness of climate change.

The students were in awe of the brilliantly interactive exhibition, experiencing such incredible installations as Beauty, 1993, in which the viewer can immerse themselves in a raining installation in a dark room, onto which a rainbow appears. This was followed by a walk through a 39 metre long fog tunnel, Your Blind Passenger, 2010, in which intense fog, bright light and changing colour surrounded us. The exhibition continued with even more interactive elements, here are some quotes from our students:

'I found it to have been a truly immersive experience, especially the geometric models room as it has inspired me greatly in terms of my own art work.'

'It was an unforgettable experience'. Olafur Eliasson In Real Life is a truly unmissable exhibition, bringing mathematics, science and art together, which your children will love. Why not make it part of a family day out over the Christmas holidays.  The exhibition runs until 5th January 2020.

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