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Summer School

This week, English Martyrs' welcomed 60 of our incoming year 7 students to take part in our summer school.

The week was filled with an enriching and exciting curriculum. In STEM they designed their own Mars Rover, studied the planets and completed some impressive and complicated NASA-style calculations.

Students also practised the art of persuasive writing by taking part in 'Operation Planet Sapphire.' Here they had to practise speech-writing on the topic of why they should be allowed to go and live on a new planet to build a new civilisation.

The afternoons were filled with music as students were introduced to playing the trombone and trumpet. Despite many of the students having never played an instrument before, by the end of the week they were able to play 'Three Blind Mice.'

The children were introduced to the technique of Batik (wax-resist dyeing) in their arts and crafts lessons and produced some incredible pieces which are now proudly on display.

One of the highlights of the week was the outstanding drama and dance performances from Mathilda, which were learned entirely from scratch over the course of the week and performed to a very impressed audience.

On the final day, the students were rewarded with a trip to Newarke Houses Museum. Here they enjoyed wearing their very trendy Summer School t-shirts followed by pizza and ice cream to top off a wonderful week of learning and fun.

Many thanks to all the staff who contributed to such a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching summer school for the students.

The summer school was run as part of our Summer Covid Catch up Strategy. Below is a brief summary of the expenditure for the week.

Income (Funding)



Staffing (Teachers)


Staffing (Catering)


Staffing (Cleaning)




External Trip




T Shirts


Total Expenditure




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