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Summer of Reading

The Summer holiday is a perfect opportunity for all of our students to enjoy reading for pleasure. For students in Years 6 to 8, The Week Junior is running a 'Summer of Reading' challenge:

Step 1: Choose 3 books With so many brilliant books to choose from, this might just prove to be the hardest part of the challenge. If you can’t decide what to read, take a look at The Week Junior’s Summer of Reading booklist. Our experts have picked 50 books to tickle your reading tastebuds.

Step 2: Read, rate and review When you have finished reading each book, tell The Week Junior what you think on the Summer of Reading review form. Rate each book by filling in the stars. Next, describe the book in three words. If you’d like to write a longer review, use the lined space to share your thoughts.

Step 3: Enter to win a book bundle worth over £200 + National Book Tokens!

When you’ve read, rated and reviewed three books, complete the sentence then take a photo of the form and email it to with the words SUMMER OF READING in the subject line. Entries close at midnight 03/09/21.

Don't forget that all English Martyrs' students can also access lots of free ebooks via your local library:

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