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During these unprecedented times, we at English Martyrs' are aware of the effect that the current situation could be having on people's mental health. Last term, during tutor sessions we spent time with all our students discussing how to acknowledge and deal with these feelings. We have implemented the STOPP anacronym, Stop, Take a breath, Observe, Plan and Proceed, this is to give students strategies to deal with feelings of being overwhelmed. All students were given a bookmark to keep in their planner, with strategies to help them deal with any overwhelming feelings. We have also included a prayer, to be used to help you all take time to reflect away from the pressures of the day. Also, for both parents and students there are a number of useful websites on our well-being page accessed through the school website, this will offer advice and organisations that maybe helpful to you. Please take time to have a chat with each other and take time to express how you are feeling.

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