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Start of Term Letter - September 2020

Dear Parents

I would like to thank everyone in our community for pulling together to achieve a great start to the school year. During the last months we have all had to adjust to new methods of learning and ways of doing things, and a number of students have told me just how pleased they are to be back in school once again. The time away has made us all appreciate the many good things we so often take for granted.

Whilst the physical return of our community to school is welcomed, we are all navigating our way carefully through new ways of working and this is quite complicated for all of us. Timetables feel very different as do breaks and lunch times. Hopefully in a week or two we will have adjusted.

I would like to thank my colleagues for all the adjustments and our young people who have taken to everything really well and have been very responsible. Particular thanks to the Sixth Form who, for now, have had some of their privileges removed such as the use of the common room and the study. A very big Thank You to all parents and families who have had to make changes to their routines and work patterns etc in order to accommodate the temporary change to the school day and ensure their children are on time for school.

Attendance this week has been extremely high.

Our school is a fantastic community and it is good to see everyone pulling together to make everything work.

Dedication of Studies Liturgy

We held our Dedication of Studies liturgy today organised by James Noakes, School Chaplain. This was broadcast to all classrooms via MS Teams as is the case with all religious assemblies for the time being. Sadly we are not able to have the Celebration of Mass in school at the present time.


We welcome the following new members of staff:

Mr J Neville, Vice Principal

Miss I Bryant, Mathematics

Miss R Cassam, English

Dr M Cheng, Science

Miss L Devereux, English

Mr S Franks, Mathematics

Mrs N Hamid Gul, Science Technician

Miss K Jones, Religious Education

Mr D Khushalbhai, Geography

Mr A Ward, Science

Additionally the following staff have new responsibilities:

Miss L Appleby Teacher of PE, Mr D Boonham Head of Year 7, Miss S Corcoran Head of Year 9, Mr E James Pastoral Support, Miss C Liburd Assistant Head of Year 9, Mrs L Webster Director of Inclusion, Mr P Wilby Teacher of Science


Homework will be set from next week and details published on Show My Homework.

Parents Information meetings this term

We are not going to hold the information meetings in the auditorium as usual. Instead Mr Neville, Vice Principal, and senior teachers are putting together a video programme for each year group with the key messages. These will be available via the school website on the week commencing 14 September.

Open Evening

Instead of our usual Open Evening, in order to achieve social distancing we will be holding a series of open mornings and two open afternoons during the week of 28 September.

These will last for approximately an hour and will take place in the auditorium for smaller groups of parents and children in Year 6. The booking system will open week commencing 14th September.


Students now have their official timetable of lessons. For the time being we are limiting each day's timetable to just two subjects for each day, rotating over a three week cycle.

Week beginning 7 September will be Week A.

This ensures that all students will achieve their full curriculum share in each subject between now and half term. Please ensure that your child brings their PE kit on the correct days.

Reminder about hand sanitizer and face masks

Each student is now required to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer and a plain cloth face mask as part of their uniform. Hand sanitizer will be used by students at the beginning and end of lessons and they will be required to use their own. Additional top-up sanitizer is available in school however we do have a limited supply!

Music Tuition

Individual Music tuition begins on week commencing 7 September. Please contact Mrs Bishop, Director of Music, if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely

Marius Carney


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