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Start of Term Letter - April 2020

Dear Students and Parents

May I wish everyone a very happy Easter and offer my good wishes for the new term of studies ahead. Thanks go to everyone for the tremendous work you have being doing whilst at home. As well as having an 85% return on work set, there have been a number of outstanding pieces of work and your Head of Year will be celebrating this in their Newsletters which will be available later this week.


It is now vitally important to get back into study routine during the school day between 8.30am and 3.00pm. You are encouraged to stick to the school timetable.

GCSE, BTEC, AS and A Level grades

There is now a national system in place for determining students’ grades for this year’s public exam grades. There are a number of levels of checking (called “moderation”) which include our School, also our Multi Academy Trust and the Department for Education. Because of this, there is an instruction from the government that no one at school is permitted to speak to individual students about their grades or to comment about them. I hope you will all understand. Please do not contact your teachers to ask about public examination grades. Please read this letter from Mr Lockyer CEO, St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Multi Academy Trust

Results days

A Level Results will be published on Thursday 13th August - A Level at 9.00am and AS Level at 9.30am.

GCSE Results will be published on Thursday 20th August at 9.00am, Sixth Form Interviews will commence at 9.30am.

Submission of work

At the end of last term you were given ‘Self Isolation’ work and ‘Home Study’ work. This should now be completed and if it hasn’t been submitted already, please can we do so by this Friday 24th April to New work for this term is available on Show my Homework and that includes projects and quizzes, please get stuck in with that thank you.

Printed packs of work

For any student who, for whatever reason, is having difficulty logging into Show My Homework, a printed pack is available. A number have been posted this week. Should you need one of these please call the Helpline 07468672740.


If you have got any queries about the work please call the helpline.


Tests will take place in due course so please don’t get behind and remember that revising is an important part of your work also.


Easter Assembly will be available on the website at 8.35am on Friday 24th April. Please join me and other teachers and students then.

Yours sincerely

Marius Carney


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