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Six Tips to Support Wellbeing this Christmas

Stay active: Physical activity can really help with keeping your mood positive – whether you like walking, cycling, playing football ...

Not feeling festive? That’s okay! There can be all sorts of reasons why some of us don’t feel festive. It’s okay to feel how you feel – you’re not the only one!

Get enough sleep: Sleep is vital for our wellbeing. Try not to skimp on it – even on Christmas Eve!

Give yourself space: If it’s all getting a bit hectic, take time out to be in nature, listen to your favourite music, read an uplifting book – or just be in the moment.

Eat regular meals: It can be tempting to overdo it but keeping your routine, with plenty of fruit, veg, and water will help keep stress at bay.

Stay supported: It’s easy to feel lonely at Christmas when we’re bombarded with images of happy families. Stay connected to your sources of support, visit your local church, they have lots of carol services and events you can get involved with.

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Six tips to support wellbeing at Christmas
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