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Service Discontinued - EM1 and EM2

The school bus services EM1 and EM2 operated by Tour Europe have been withdrawn today following the collapse of the company. The school learned this news, which was a shock, just this morning.

I have met with all students who take these services to explain the situation this afternoon.

Pre-paid tickets Tour Europe have offered to reimburse weekly tickets purchased on Monday, 21 October 2019. Students should bring their tickets to the school office where they will be receipted, and we will administer the refund from Tour Europe once funds are received from them.

EM2 – Thursday 24th October onwards

We are pleased that Andrews Coaches have kindly agreed to run the service for the next few weeks on a trial basis. The charge will be £2.80 return, £1.60 single. The route is:

Liberty Road, 7:45 am Charnor Road, 7:50 am Glenfield Road/Letchworth Road, 7:55 am Henley Road/Fosse Road, 8:05 am

The return journey will leave English Martyrs at 2:55pm.

We are currently talking to coach companies about making provision for the EM1 route.

Tour Europe employees extend their apologies for this situation. I would like to thank parents and students for their understanding and help today.

Mr Carney, Principal

23/10/2019 - 15:00


Tour Europe – Buses EM1 and EM2

We have received a message from Tour Europe who provide EM1 (Thurmaston, Syston, Birstall) and EM2 (Liberty Road, Glenfield Road, Letchworth Road) saying that their company has closed with immediate effect. No transport will be provided by Tour Europe from now on. If your child normally takes one of these 2 buses you will need to make alternative arrangements. This is literally all the information we have at this time. Further updates will follow.

Mr Carney

23/10/2019 - 08:35

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