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Senior Student Leadership Team 2019-20

This week appointments have been made to the Senior Student Leadership Team. This is a group made up of students in Year 13 who have offered to lead and serve the student body this year. In addition to the Head Girl and Boy and their deputies, there are teams of officers for the Arts, Communications, Charity work, Spiritual life and Sports.

As part of the process of appointment, students have had to write a formal application setting out their talents and explaining how they will serve the school community in the role they have applied for. This statement formed the basis of their interview.

The Head Girl and Head Boy have responsibility to represent the whole student body Year 7-13. They lead the Senior Student Leadership team; regularly report to Mr Carney, Mrs O’Hagan and the Governing Body, and are ex officio members of both the School Council and the Spiritual life group. Each team of officers have particular responsibilities which are set out below.

At the Dedication of Studies Mass for the Sixth Form, students were presented with their Badges of Office by Fr Simon.


Head Girl: Natasha Mumwiro

Head Boy: Jacob Seaman

Deputy Heads:

Fern Harrison (Sports)

Hari Parmar (Social Events)

Holly Jennings (Pastoral Support)

Craig Payne (Student Voice)

Caitlin Sweeney (Academic Support)

Edwin Sunil (KS4 Liaison)



Senior Officer: Zuzanna Mucha

Drama Officers: Klaudia Bladzinska & Krishna Panchal

Art Officers: Faith Francis & Karolina Wojtaszko

Music Officer: Alicia Yep


- Organising displays of student art work around the school

- Taking part actively in the arts life of the school - Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Photography.

- Working with younger students in eg. the Schola Cantorum, Orchestra, Liturgy preparation, Drama Club, Production

- Helping younger students to prepare drama and music for Assembly

- Promoting participation in the arts by Sixth Formers

- Explaining the content of arts A levels to Y10 and 11

- Organising the inter-house arts competition



Senior Officer: Leonie Bell

Officers: Jacob Boot, Hennali Chohan, Dillon Fernandes, Aisling Gethins & Alicja Pawlowska


- Promoting school religious celebrations on school e/platforms

- Celebrating Achievement Assemblies and Careers events, Sports teams and performances on school e/platforms

- Raising awareness of mental illness amongst young people

- Taking photographs of school events, performances and liturgies

- Producing materials to help new students learn about Sixth Form life

- Creating materials about the Sixth Form for parishes

- Designing seasonal posters for Form Prayer Boards

- Producing e/guides for new students on how to study and helpful advice

- Publicising the inter-house competitions



Senior Officer: Michela Chitando

Officers: Rhianna Eberlein, Nadia Kierzenkowska, Maryam Khalifa, Megan Lowe, Denise Mukopfa, Sherwin Noronha, Zalika Roberts & Kacey Upton


- Raising awareness of our school charities - principally CAFOD

- Recommending charity initiatives to the Spiritual life group

- Organising regular events to raise money for charities

- Building links with local charities

- Inviting speakers from local and national charities

- Ensuring that the whole sixth form lead the lower school in charity fundraising



Senior Officers: Julia Mabiza & Elly-Rose Smith

Officers: Weronika Fratczak & Daniela Noronha


- Supporting the Chaplaincy team re Friday Mass and Year group Masses

- Contributing to the school’s Spiritual Life group

- Organising the Sixth Form religious education conference

- Organising the Y12/13 Retreat

- Planning the Sixth Form liturgies



Captain: Fern Harrison (Deputy Head Girl, Sports)

Officers: Kieron Adjovi & Daniel Yekini


- Organising regular Sixth Form fun sporting events

- Help the Sports Department with regular coaching and fixtures

- Organising charity sporting events

- Supporting the leadership of the Inter-house competition


Congratulations to everyone on their appointment.

Mr Carney