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School Bus - EM2 Liberty Road, Glenfield Road, Letchworth Road

We were informed yesterday that Andrews Coaches will permanently operate the morning route of the EM2 bus service.

Andrews Coaches have reduced the cost of the fare to £1.50 in line with the evening operator Total Travel (T6 & EM2).

They have made a timetable change for the morning pick ups and will pick up 10 minutes earlier from Monday 9th December 2019. The company has confirmed that letters have been issued to students this week notifying them of this change.

The route and times are as follows:

07:35 Starts at Liberty Road

07:40 Charnor Road

07:48 Glenfield Road/ Letchworth Road

07:52 Petworth Drive

07.55 Henley Road/ Fosse Road

Then onto English Martyrs School

Return journey will be from English Martyrs School at 14:55 operated by Total Travel (T6 & EM2).

Yours sincerely

Marius Carney


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