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Running Club 'Mizen to Malin' Challenge

During the last term, students in the EMCS Running Club have been running around 2 miles per session to complete the 'Mizen to Malin' Virtual challenge provided by This initiative involves schools undertaking free virtual challenges as part of a commitment to getting children active and enjoying exercise.

In total, students needed to have run 360 miles collectively in order to complete the challenge and be awarded a medal. Along the way, we receive postcard updates. Once half of the challenge has been completed, a meal is donated via one of the many charity partners of End2End. Trees are also planted once we hit 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of the distance. So far, we have achieved just over half, planting 2 trees and donating a meal.

This is our third challenge to date, having completed last year the Pennine Way (268 miles) and Tour du Mont Blanc (105 miles) challenges.

In addition to the virtual challenges, students receive 'distance' certificates.

Congratulations to Dhana, Thomas, Kacper, Christo, Issac, Toyel, Noel, Cyril, Christo and Eoin, who have all completed their 10Km certificates this half term. Congratulations also to Nsisongobong and Enrique who have completed their Half Marathon distance certificates.