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Resonations Concert

We are looking forward to hosting a concert of piano and cello music on Friday 25 October given by the highly talented young pianist, Roman Kosyakov. Roman has won many international competitions including the International Piano Competition of Minsk in 2014, the International Piano Competition in Ekaterinburg 2015, the Gold award for the Manhattan International Music Competition in 2018 and the Audience the Sheepdrove Piano Competition also in 2018. Promises to be an amazing evening, admission is free!

Roman will be playing a varied programme of music beginning with Piano Sonata No 2 in B Minor by the great Russian twentieth century composer Dmitri Shostakovich, who wrote this piece in 1943 whilst he was a refugee from the siege of Leningrad. By way of  contrast he will also play Sonata in E minor by the famous classical composer Franz Joseph Haydn and published in London in 1783. To conclude, Roman will be joined by his friend and colleague at the Birmingham Conservatoire, Griff Wadkin, for a series of pieces for cello and piano.

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