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Refugee Week 18th – 24th June

During this week students in year 7 and 8 have focused on how war, persecution, natural disaster and poverty has forced millions of people from their home.

Inspired by Pope Francis, Year 7 and 8 responded to his challenge to “Share the Journey”. During their PE lessons students took the opportunity to pray for refugees and reflect on some of their stories, they then took to the tennis courts and Astroturf and travelled some of the 24,900 miles that it would take to walk around the world. A staggering 613.89 miles was walked by our students during their PE lessons.

7Ca - 44.99

7Cl - 46.40

7Fi - 48.72

7Mo - 53.05

7Sh - 54.69

7Wa - 47.01

Year 7 Total - 294.86

8Ca - 56.57

8Cl - 52.98

8Fi - 56.24

8Mo - 54.33

8Sh - 46.65

8Wa - 52.26

Year 8 Total - 319.03

GRAND TOTAL - 613.89 miles


Why are we walking?

Every human being is a child of God, created in God’s image, and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Yet, in a global crisis, we are seeing the highest numbers of displaced people on record. Every minute, 20 people are forced to flee war, persecution, natural disaster or poverty*. Often, they leave home with nothing, endure terrible conditions on their journey and are denied the protection and support they need in their chosen place of refuge.

By joining the Share the Journey campaign launched by Pope Francis, our school stepped up and stepped out in solidarity with our global neighbours. Our commitment to walk the world will show world leaders meeting for crucial discussions in September how much it matters to all of us that refugees and migrants are treated with dignity and respect.

Each of us has been on a journey. Maybe we have come to live here from another town, city, or country. Perhaps our parents or grandparents came here to build a new life. We have made a special journey to walk alongside people around the world who are forced to flee their homes. As we shared the journey, we thought about the difficult journeys people are forced to make. In September, world leaders will meet at the United Nations to develop new global agreements on refugees and migration. To show them how strongly we want justice for our global neighbours, we joined with other schools and parishes in England and Wales to walk the distance around the whole world - 24,900 miles.