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Published Authors: Kelvin & Claire

Many congratulations to brother and sister, Kelvin (Head Boy) and Claire (Y10), who have published a poignant short story about dealing with the challenging issue of bullying in society and the importance of kindness. The young authors write:

Bullying is not unfamiliar. At one point in our lives, we have seen it, heard it, or sadly, experienced it ourselves. The images conjured by this word in our heads are shocking; a tyrant intimidating and tormenting a vulnerable individual, who in turn is left feeling miserable and worthless.

When children as young as six are committing suicide as a result of bullying, we, as a society, need to be alarmed. Something needs to change.

This short story explores the journey of a young girl who is in search of a new start. Like all of us, she is human, and thus bound to make mistakes. However, in the end her good heart was potentially the difference between the life and death of her bullied peer.

We wrote this book to explore some issues that we noticed within society. Our actions, whether big or small, positive or negative, carry implications for the lives of those around us. Whether a parent, a teacher, or a child, we need to remember this. We all play a role in the lives of others; we all play a role in society.

It is our duty to bare this in mind when we act. A small bit of kindness from each of us can honestly change the whole world.

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