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Professional Artist Returns to English Martyrs'

Our wonderful past student, Danielle Tomlinson, came into school again on Friday 20th January to talk with Art students about her career as a professional artist. Danielle, who studied Fine Art with us at both GCSE and A Level, shared her inspirational story with groups of students from years 8, 10, 11 and 12 and brought some of her stunning paintings of animals with her so that students could take a closer look. She encouraged the students to follow their interests so that they can find happiness and work in a field that they love in the future. Students asked questions such as: What does a day in the life of an artist look like? What is your painting process for these paintings? Airienne in Y10 wrote: 'I leant about how to make a living with Art and how you should do what you love to do.'

Ajaanae in Y10 said: 'I learnt to go all in when it comes to something you love because there is a chance you will succeed.' Natalia in Y8 wrote: 'My thoughts about Art have changed after Danielle's visit as she showed the class and me the different ways of making Art. For example, Danielle layered acrylic paints with spray paints making it look vibrant and colourful. Animals inspired her and she inspired me, that's why I think I am going to pick Art as a subject to not only learn but to enjoy.' Trudi inY8 wrote: 'This really inspired me that I can be anything I want if I put the effort in and don't give up.' We are so grateful to Danielle for visiting us again. We had such an enjoyable time learning about her career, her beautiful Art and her experiences.

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