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Praise from Teachers

Week 1 Online, January 2021

Mr Carney writes:

On Monday 11 January I invited teachers to reflect on their first few days of on-line lessons and whether any group had stood out. My inbox was quickly flooded with the following comments:

Mrs Aujla - English praises 7CL (Tuesday 5th January and Friday 8th January) a brilliant rate of participation and enthusiasm for the topic. 10x4 (Thursday 7th January) - excellent effort from most students and 9y4 (Friday 8th January) - impressive effort and use of prior learning to really help everyone along in the session.

Mrs Biddles - PE praises 10c BTEC sport, really engaged in giving answers and submitting work. This has all been theory based because of the module we are studying so even more commendable really!

Mr Boonham - RE praises 10X1A (Session A, Friday 8th January) for their good effort.

Mrs Cajkler - Science praises 7Cl/Sc - Science and 11Y2/Bi - Biology for their fantastic participation during the lesson and submission of work.

Mrs Chatterson - Fine Art praises 10CAr1 (Session A, Monday 11th January). So happy with the engagement and participation of those in the lesson. We were introducing the success criteria for their “cakes” tonal drawing and they worked so well, responding to missing key words, contributing responses in the chat.

Miss Devereux - English praises 8Y3 on both Wednesday 6th January and Thursday 7th January. All students were engaged in both lessons (analysing sonnets written by Elizabeth and Robert Browning) and provided thought-provoking, sophisticated ideas which added to the lesson resources. Students also supported each other; many commented, complimented and expanded on their peers' ideas. Their Directed Study Tasks were completed on time and to a high standard.

Miss Fones - English praises for their diligence: 10X1/En (Thursday 7th and Mon 11th January), A Level English Literature 13C/En1(Tuesday 5th January) and 9Y1/En (Friday 8th January).

Mr Flannigan - Art praises Year 9 Students. Students had been asked to send in photos from their Christmas homework, which was to take a series of photographs in the style of artist Jim Dine. There was a very high standard throughout. All were exceptionally attentive, well-mannered and behaved. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful year 9 group!

Miss Goodings - Psychology praises 12A/Py2 Psychology (Session B, Wednesday 6th January), 13B/Sy2 Sociology (Session B, Thursday 7th January) and 13C/Py2 Psychology (Session A, Monday 11th January) all of the lessons have been really enjoyable. I'm really impressed by all of my students’ positive attitudes, willingness to engage and their patience with me when I try new things!

Mrs Handley - Music praises 7MO (Session A, Thursday 7th January) for a fantastic lesson on Darkwood Manor (drama) she has really enjoyed watching all of the creative performances. 7CL (Session B, Thursday 7th January) for some wonderful work on instruments of the orchestra, it was a lovely interactive lesson. Mrs Handley has really enjoyed reading through their work.

Mrs P Harris - Design Technology praises 8X1 (Monday 11th January) Everyone participated so well.

Mr Islania - Mathematics praises 11y1 who were exemplary on Monday 11th January and last Thursday 7th January. 12C Mathematics were also fantastic on Monday 11th January.

Miss S Jones - English W8X (Session A, Friday 8th January) Despite faced with several technical issues in the lesson, students worked well to complete the tasks set on developing their use of adjectives in descriptive writing.

Miss S Jones - English praises 9X2 (Session A, Tuesday 5th January and Session A, Thursday 7th January) - students have started work on their end of unit assessment, analysing the opening of Bleak House and exploring how Dickens creates an effective description of setting. The work I have received from the students reflects the effort they have put in to complete the tasks and I am looking forward to providing them with feedback in our next session so that they can develop their work even further.

Miss S Jones - English praises 12C/En (Session B, Friday 8th January and Session A, Monday 11th January) We have started work on A Streetcar Named Desire and all members of the class have made insightful and well-developed contributions to discussion. Some excellent research work into the context surrounding the play has already been submitted despite the deadline not being until this coming Friday. Topics include: the life of Tennessee Williams; mental health in the 1940s; New

Orleans in the 1940s; Post War America; Southern Gothic literature; the American South (Civil War - 1940s) and modern tragedy. This is one of favourite texts to teach and, despite not being together in the classroom as we study the play, this class are still making the lessons something very rewarding and exciting.

Mrs Kent - Science praises 11x2, (Session A, Biology, Friday 8th January) great at interacting with my activities. Also 12D and 12B on Thursday 7/1/21 Biology were very good.

Mr Leonard - RE praises 7CL (Session A, Wednesday 6th January) always so engaged and keen to stretch themselves while being incredibly supportive of one another.

Mr Leonard - RE praises 9X1E (Session B, Wednesday 6th January) for their exceptional work.

Mr Leonard - Music praises 7MO (Session B, Friday 8th January) - Excellent work from all students who were asking detailed and intelligent questions about the instrumental families of the orchestra and fully engaged with all activities.

Mr Leonard - Music praises 8WA (Session A, Monday 11th January) - I have received amazing recorded performances of leitmotifs composed by a number of students.

Mr McCaughey - Mathematics praises 10CMA options group and 11YMa3 have been brilliant. Mr McCaughey has had great attendance and participation throughout.

Dr Nyawako - Mathematics praises 9X/Ma4, (Session B, Tuesday 5th January 2021, 8X/Ma3, (Session B, Wednesday 6th January 2021) and 9B/Ma1 (Session B, Thursday 7th January 2021).

Mr Parmar - Mathematics praises 9Y4 (Session B, Friday 8th January) and 7X2 (Session A, Monday 11th January) classes have performed superbly both in terms of working and interaction.

Mrs Pemberton - Dance praises 9B (Session A, Tuesday 12th January) I had a particularly great lesson this morning. I think I was more exhausted than the students though doing the warm up! Year 10 BTEC dance have also been brilliant and very engaging and supportive too.

Miss Rattu - Science praises 9X5 (Monday 11th January) and 9Y5 (Wednesday 6th January) for their consistent effort and determination in science.

Mrs Renault - French praises 9A/Fr1 (Session A, Wednesday 6th January). All students joined the lesson punctually, directed study was completed by them all within the time limit and sent via email, interactions on the meeting chat were quick, positive and therefore enjoyed a really fun and buoyant lesson.

Mrs Westwood-Dickens - Business Studies praises 11CBu1 and also 12DBu1. Students were brilliant and almost 100% attendance. Sensible questions were asked with courtesy and consideration for the group as a whole.

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