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Pax Christi

Students in Year 11 who are currently studying ‘Conflict’ in Religious Education, met with Aisling Griffin a representative of Pax Christi. This is an international Catholic association which takes as its mission Jesus’ example to promote peace and justice in our country and our world. Pax Christi means ‘the peace of Christ’.

Aisling spoke about the origins of the organisation at the end of World War II when people from all over Europe went on peace walks to rebuild trust and mutual understanding between peoples, after the devastating world war which had wracked Europe. Aisling told everyone about the movement 70 years on – how it works to promote attitudes of peace in our world by trying to ensure that society is built on just law and fairness, including respect for human rights and peoples’ basic needs, including needs brought about by Climate Change. Students found out about the work of some Christian activists who are critical of the British arms industry and how they have campaigned against it.

The session explored the use of force against known terrorists and the ethical issues involved in a ‘surgical strike’ and issues of proportionality in warfare. Students also heard about Jesus’ teaching and what is actually meant by ‘Turn the other cheek’ and ‘walk the extra mile’ in the cultural framework of his time.  

Thanks go to Aisling for such a thought provoking and wide ranging talk about very important issues today and helping us to think about our response to them.

We look forward to welcoming Aisling back on Thursday 28th November to speak with Year 9.

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