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Online Safety

The internet and social media can be a wonderful and powerful tool, this can not be more evident than in the current situation we are living through. The ability for your children to be able to access a range of work while continuing their studying at home has been wonderful, I am sure it has helped a number of parents when planning out each "school day." Also the use of social media to enable friends and family stay in contact while staying at home will help everyone maintain a connection with others. There has also been some fantastic free resources, activities and exercise programmes. All of this shows the benefit that can be gained with using the internet and social media. 

However what we will also be seeing is your children having increased access to screen time and with this does come the need for increased vigilance, we must make sure that we continue to monitor who and what they are accessing. There are unfortunately still people who are using Social Media to gain access to our young people. At English Martyrs all students have been given lessons, assemblies and on going advice about how to keep safe online. The school website has a number of resources for parents and students on how to keep safe online, if you click on the parent tab and then the eSafety tab you will have access to information and websites on how to keep all of you safe online.

Please take time to look through this, have a conversation with your children, ask them what they are doing online, check that they understand how to keep themselves safe.

Mr Calen

Vice Principal

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