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Noye's Fludde

Preparations for Noye’s Fludde are going well. Pictured here are some Year 7 singers rehearsing singing in 7 parts (yes, 7 parts!) for the finale of the piece accompanied by our team of handbell ringers. Students were also trying out some of the more curious bits of stage equipment for the show: a  wind machine which sounds surprisingly like wind howling in a storm and an instrument Benjamin Britten designed specifically for Noye’s Fludde: the Slung Mugs. These mugs have been carefully selected by Mr Simeone as each sounds a different note and will be used as part of a large percussion section including 4 timpani drums, a bass drum, a tam tam and cymbals.

Year 7 singers and soloists are working very hard to prepare the performance. We all hope you can come. 6pm. Friday 29 June. Tickets £5, U19 £2.

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