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New Reality

Dear Students and Parents

New reality

This is a very strange week for us all as we struggle to come to terms with so many big changes to our lives in such a short time. I would like to begin by thanking everyone for the very gracious and mature way all of our students accepted their new responsibilities and were very organised about taking work home at the end of last week. Likewise for those in Year I I and Year 13 it was quite remarkable that we were able to have such beautiful and prayerful liturgies to conclude your time as students 'on site' here. My thanks to James and to all those who read, composed prayers, made music and danced. Both gatherings were very fitting and emotional events, thank you all.

GCSE and A Level Examinations 2020

We are now working with our Multi Academy Trust to find out everything we can about the awarding of exam grades this summer. Mr Lockyer and I have written a letter about this which is also published today on the school website. Please read it carefully.

Provision for Key Worker Families

This week we have a small number of students whose parents are key workers with us in school. It is a very strange experience for us all but I must applaud these students for their perseverance and hard work. They have completed a lot of work already and I trust that this is the same for all the students.

Queries about work

Mr McCaughey (Assistant Principal) is operating the help line for those who have questions about any aspect of the work set. He may not have all the answers but he is in touch with all the teachers who are themselves working from home and we can provide advice and assistance. The number is: 07468672740. As I said in my letter of last week if a student has forgotten their password for Office365, they can have this by emailing A response will be sent back with the new password but this may take some time, please be patient.

Your Well being

We are currently going through very unsettled times, the news and conversations taking place at home may be causing distress and anxiety. Add to this the loss of the structure and stability of school may also cause you anxiety. This is all understandable, it is difficult to process and deal with what is happening. There is some practical advice available - access the school website, click the Student section, then click on the Well-Being section. You will find a number of websites and advice on how to help young people deal with these anxieties. We would also recommend time away from Television and Social Media, to take this time as an opportunity with the family to talk about any concerns, to allow everyone the space to talk through concerns and to offer each other reassurance. All of us here are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Last week the church celebrated the feast of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. This helpful prayer was written by him:

May the strength of God pilot us,

May the power of God preserve us,

May the wisdom of God instruct us,

May the hand of God protect us,

May the way of God direct us,

May the shield of God defend us,

May the hosts of God guard us against the snares of evil and the temptations of the world. Amen.

Yours sincerely

Marius Carney


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