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National Offer Day, Year 6

Making an Appeal

Secondary School place offers for Year 7 2021 have now been made to parents of Year 6 students. As English Martyrs’ Catholic School is heavily oversubscribed, we understand that some families who requested a place have not received one. We do understand that this can be very upsetting for the child and their family.

Any parent in this position may make a formal Appeal, which is conducted under the statutory School Admission Appeals Code: “The purpose of this Code is to ensure the independence of admission appeal panels and to ensure that all admission appeals for maintained schools and Academies are conducted in a fair and transparent way.”

How to make an Appeal

If your child has not been offered a place and you wish to appeal, you must send a letter to the school stating the reasons for your appeal no later than twenty school days after the decision letter has been received.

This means the appeal must be sent to the school by Friday 26th March 2021

Your letter needs to explain clearly why you want a place for your child. You may attach any supporting information from Priests or ministers of religion, social workers, health visitors or other professionals to support your case. If you wish to add any further information, this should be sent to the clerk of the appeal panel. Their contact details will be sent to you by the Catholic Schools Appeal Service.

The appeal will be arranged on behalf of English Martyrs’ Catholic School local governing body by the Catholic Schools Appeal Service and will be heard by an independent panel. The decision of the panel will be binding on the school.

Further information can be found here

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