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Live Lounge Concert

English Martyrs’ first ever Live Lounge Concert, took place in the Exhibition area to an audience of over a hundred people.

The School Choir opened the night with Bart Howard’s ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ which immediately highlighted the stunning acoustics of the building. The programme consisted of a mixture of pop, jazz and songs from the shows. The evening also displayed the talents of Ela B., Vydelle T., Louise K. and James U. who performed their own GCSE compositions so beautifully. The Junior Choir, led by Mrs Handley finished off the first half by singing ‘The Rose’ by Amanda McBroom.

The audience were then treated to the superb efforts of the hospitality team during the interval, ready for some stunning performances by bands and soloists in the second half.

Congratulations to all the performers who took part. It was a stunning, relaxed evening, of quality music.

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