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Letter from Mr Carney

Dear Parents and Students,

Our brilliant students

This week we have seen the return to school with our whole community for the first time since Christmas. During the first 6 weeks of this term we have embarked upon an ambitious programme of home learning which has literally made history. Everyone in our school since 5th January 2021 has received two hours of live teaching via the Internet every day and in addition has attended assemblies and numeracy and literacy classes. Others have also received music lessons online, and attended rehearsals, others have had additional support and coaching tutorials.

Students have been fantastic in their response to this change in teaching, and have contributed really well to lessons and to Directed Study. It is clear that the majority of students have continued to learn well across the full curriculum and are aware of the progress that they have made. This was reflected in the huge number of certificates received by students at the end of half term. Undoubtedly this has been a time requiring strength of character, commitment and perseverance. Well done to all our students for your hard work and for putting everything into your work, especially when it has been difficult and sometimes frustrating.

Earlier this week all students were invited for the first of their in-school Covid tests. The staff in the test centre, who include a number of external agency staff joining us for this major operation, have commented this week on the exemplary behaviour and good manners of our young people. We adults can take this for granted, so I wish to pause and note just how excellent everyone has been. Students have been focussed and sensible, and always extremely courteous. This is much appreciated.

On everyone's behalf I would like to extend my appreciation to all our staff who have gone to great lengths to make the return to school as seamless as possible.

Covid tests

Everyone returning to school is required to complete three on-site Covid tests. We will then distribute the home testing kits. Younger students are expected to complete these with their parent or carer. Test kits will be given out next week to take home. We will then close down our test centre in school.

Families do not need to tell us the result of a negative test. You must report a positive test to us and isolate as per the national requirements whether from a homekit test or from an NHS test centre. We will then contact the parents of those who have been in class with your child, and the bubble will be required to isolate. Work for those self-isolating, who are not symptomatic, will be set on Show my Homework. I regret that it will not be possible to operate live lessons in this situation as our teachers are now fully committed to the classroom timetable.

Standards and Expectations

Most students have returned to school in smart school uniform. A reminder that full school uniform is now expected and this includes appropriate footwear.


If a student is ill and unable to attend school, parents should telephone the school (0116 2428880) between 8.15 and 8.45 and leave a message. Please do not use any other communications platform. The school operates a policy of contacting parents if their child has not been registered.

Yours sincerely

Marius Carney


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